Activities to do while in Civitavecchia (the Port of Rome)

There are actually few very interesting activities that can be done right in town, and that would surprise most people. All the activities listed here can be reached by shuttle bus (10-15 min. ride). The bus departs right from the port gate.
 TIP  these activities can be prearranged and booked online here.


Ancien Emperor Trajan Villa and Baths (Terme Taurine) Visit

Tour Price: €11.50
A visit to the Emperor Trajan’s beautifully preserved Roman Baths archaeological excavation is not to be missed. The whole archeological site is on a hilltop with a spectacular view of the Tyrrhenian sea.
In an excellent state of preservation, only a 15 minute shuttle bus drive from the Port, the villa built by Trajan centring on the Terme Taurine baths extends over a two-hectare area. The earliest buildings date from the late Republican era or the Age of Augustus, while the later constructions are from the times of the Flavian emperors and Hadrian. The layout is rectangular in plan, with constructions in opus reticulatum around a large peristyle. In truth, the entire edifice rotates around the hub constituted by the baths, which comprise a taepidarium, a laconicum, a calidarium, and other smaller “service” rooms. Of special note is the second level, with a terrace covered by a pavilion-like structure over the calidarium. But to take a step back in time: the hill known as “La Ficoncella”, hosted another smaller baths complex, of very ancient origin, denominated Aquae Tauri. During Sulla’s rule (between 90 and 70 BCE), a new building was erected and the complex was given the name of Terme Taurine in recognition of its proximity to Aquae Tauri. As mentioned above, Trajan greatly appreciated the waters and it was during his reign that they enjoyed their greatest development, although an extension was added toward the end of Hadrian’s time. The spa area, which had been well-patronised throughout the Imperial age, declined progressively in importance as the Empire crumbled; the war between the Goths and the Byzantines finally caused it to be abandoned.
  TIP  a visit that includes shuttle bus, ticket to Trajan’s Villa and Baths, and a guided tour of the site can be booked online here.

Water Park (AquaFelix) Fun

 Tour Price: €24.00 to €25.50
A day at the biggest Water park in central Italy may be a fun and relaxing choice for you. Built on an area of 80,000 sq. mt., the complex offers a big selection of slides for all ages, like: extreme speed slides, open and closed slides, twisters, black holes, turbo-slides etc. There are a variety of relaxing pool areas, including a spacious wave pool. The water park spreads over the hillside providing water fun as well as relaxation with a fantastic view of the bay. Availability: summer months (June-September).
  TIP  a visit that includes round trip shuttle bus from/to port entrance, and park admission ticket can be booked online here.

Cooking Class and Lunch with Visit to the Ancient Baths

Tour Price: approximately €60.00
This full day excursion combines two great activities: a cooking class with lunch and and a visit to a Roman Bath archeological site.
See the specific area of this App for details on the  Ancien Emperor Trajan Villa and Baths (Terme Taurine) Visit
The cooking class will be at the beautiful establishment called “La Tenuta dell’Argento”, founded in 1950 with the restoration of old farm buildings, situated in a natural panoramic hilltop overlooking the bay. The location boasts a typical Italian frame unspoiled and little known.
The small group will follow a cooking class with hands on experience, where a complete menu of typical Italian dishes will be prepared at the guidance of an experienced professional. Afterwards, the group will sit and enjoy the meal prepared together, accompanied by wine.
  TIP  this day excursion which includes round trip shuttle bus from/to port, cooking class and guided visit to the Roman Baths site can be booked online here.

Thermal Spring and Bath (Ficoncella) Stay

   Tour Price: €5.50 to €6.50
The Ficoncella Baths are located about 3 miles from town, on a beautiful hilltop overlooking the bay, near the Emperor Trajan Villa and Baths archaeological site.

The remarkable healing properties of this spring have been enjoyed for over 2000 years. As a matter of fact, the Etruscans built a city (Aquae Tauri) right at this location. Few ruins remain of this city today, but the thermal spring is amazingly the same. The water springs from limestone at a temperature of 56 °C or 133°F, close to a large, ancient pool. This water of remarkable properties is collected in five different pools. Ideal for anyone suffering from sore joints, skin problems and allergies. The facility is very simple and minimalistic, but the charm of the location (surrounded by hills), and the properties of the water makes this a particularly relaxing, and very inexpensive, experience.
  TIP  a visit that includes round trip shuttle bus from/to port entrance, and spa admission ticket can be booked online here.


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