Nice Lunch in Civitavecchia at La Ghiacciaia

Well, for those of you who know me personally,you know how much I just love food, especially good, well prepared food.

I love cooking it,  eating it, smelling it…. and all!  But most of all, I love sharing it with friends and loved ones.

One of the nice things about being in Italy is the opportunity of eating at a nice italian Trattoria. A trattoria is a small family run restaurant, usually non pretentious, but often serving fabulous, authentic food. Another good reason for choosing a Trattoria over a Restaurant style business, is that trattoria’s prices are very good, offering a great price/quality ratio.

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In this video Alberto and I went to visit our friend Massimiliano, owner of La Ghiacciaia, a trattoria located just above the Port. I find their food to be very good so, I took a video when I went to eat there with Alberto. As we are good friends, Massimiliano has given us permission to go in the kitchen when chef-owner Stefano showed us how to cook several dishes, like:

  • Pasta alla Carbonara
  • Spaghetti with Cozze & Pecorino cheese (spaghetti with mussels and romano cheese)
  • Zuppa di Pesce (seafood chowder)
  • Zuppa di Cozze (mussel chowder)
  • Gnocchi alle Cozze e Vongole (Gnocchi with seafood)
  • Tagliolini alla Spigola (egg-noodles with sea bass sauce)
Buon appetito!

2 thoughts on “Nice Lunch in Civitavecchia at La Ghiacciaia

  1. Great!!! Congrats to Alessandra for this beautiful presentation of Civitavecchia’s food traditions and also “great restaurant”!!! Yes I have been there!!!

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