Walking around Civitavecchia

This post is about discovering what you can find at walking distance from the port.

If you have already seen Rome, or if you just do not feel like moving around too much, you can actually spend a very relaxing day in Civitavecchia.

The Downtown Area – Exiting the Port

Cruise ships normally moor along the breakwater between the harbor and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Once at the port you can take one of the free shuttle buses that run quite regularly and connect the cruise ship to the main or South Port Gate next to a large fortress (Forte Michelangelo).

Two Easy Walks  for a Relaxing Day

Walks in CivitavecchiaHere are 2 walking itineraries that you can follow on your own right from the port gate with a list of things that you will find along the way. Take a nice stroll along two easy paths right from the port gate.

What you will find along the way

Forte MichelangeloForte Michelangelo (at shuttle drop off point)

Is the only fortress ever designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti. Dating back to 1535, the fortress is still in perfect condition. It cannot be visited inside, however.

Archeological Museum (n.1 on Orange and Blue path)

(open 9:00 to 14:00 except on Monday). Free entrance.
Contains dated Etruscan (pre-roman) and Roman material found in the local territory. There are 2 free WiFi spots nearby at 2 coffee shops: La casa del Gelato and MR. G

Corso Centocelle (n. 2 on Orange path)

(ATMs can be found here). This is a nice street closed to traffic, lined with shops and coffee places.

Open outdoor Market (n. 4 on Orange path)

Image via WikipediaDiscover an ancient tradition that is now disappearing. Civitavecchia has one of the biggest and most interesting open markets in the country. San Francesco d’Assisi Cathedral (n. 5 on Orange path)Image via Wikipedia

Built in 1769 over a smaller and older church, is the biggest and most beautiful church in the area.

Piazza Leandra (n. 6 on Orange path)

This is the oldest part of town with its origins dating in medieval times. The area has great charm, and has some of the best restaurants, as well as coffee shops and small stores.

Civitavecchia P.zza Leandra

Corso Marconi  (n. 5 on Orange path)
Il Ghetto 
(n.2 on Blue path)(ATMs found here) This is a nice street lined with shops.

Il Ghetto is a surprisingly charming area closed to traffic with small streets and a dainty town square full of good restaurants and nice shops.

Viale della Vittoria (n.3 on Blue path)

(ATMs can be found here). The street offers the opportunity for a very nice and panoramic stroll along the cost line. Here are some nice shops and restaurants.

Il Pirgo (n.4 on Blue path)Il Pirgo

This is possibly the most beautiful area in town. A small road closed to traffic along the coastal line that offers a stunning backdrop to enjoy the sunset or lunch at one of the many restaurants and coffee shops along the way. Also a great stop for gelato!!


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