Arriving at the Port of Rome

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If you are going to arrive in Civitavecchia with a cruise line, you would probably like to know what the port looks like, how to exit the port and possibly how to reach the train station.

The Port

Civitavecchia Port - Areal View

The Roman Emperor Trajan founded Civitavecchia Port in the 2nd century, calling it Centumcellae. The Port of Civitavecchia has more than twenty piers. Cruiseliners dock at quays inside the outer wall. Currently there are 3 cruise ship terminals, named Bramante at pier 12, and temporary terminals at piers 11 and 25. Cruises from Civitavecchia normally use the piers next to the cruise terminals.

Exiting the Port

Walking to the Train StationCruise ships normally moor along the breakwater between the harbor and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Once at the port you can take one of the free shuttle buses that run quite regularly and connect the cruise ship to the main or South Port Gate next to a large fortress (Forte Michelangelo).

TIP More information about the city of Civitavecchia can be found in the Walking Around Civitavecchia

3 thoughts on “Arriving at the Port of Rome

    • I am working on it… please check back in a couple of days… There have been some disagreements regarding few very important trains being removed from the FR5 line (Civitavecchia Roma). Commuters are disputing, and updates are slowing down. A lot of people in Civitavecchia are not very happy. One good thing is that they have started the Fast Track Express train for Cruise travelers which almost looked like it was going to be suppressed…

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